Sunday, January 27, 2008

Current stuff

Okay, here are a bunch of projects that I have been working on. I have been checking out alot of blogs recently and have been very inspired. I cannot remember where all of the ideas come from, but most of them are from the sites I have listed on the left of my blog. There are some awesome tutorials and templates out there. I would love to put some together to demo here on my blog. Just have to be a bit more 'techy'. (is that a word?) ;) Anyway here are a few valentine themed projects.
Candy Wrapper with nuggets: Papertrey Ink; Chocolate card and acetate candy box: Chic'n scratch; Coffee cup pattern: Giftmaker magazine.


ddinak said...

STOP IT! You are so totally blowing me away! LOVE the bag!

Amy said...

super cute stuff..! aren't you one of the girls that joined Dianna and I at the Deck of Me challenge? with flickr names/blog names/usernames all being different it's hard to keep track LOL...very cute blog!