Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who turned off the heat?

It is sooooo cold out today, 4 degrees! Yikes!! It is absolutely beautiful out, but freeeeeezing. Good thing we have a warm home and heated seats in the car. :) The sun is shining without a cloud in the sky. Perfect! If it was june, not january. All of this gorgeous snow we have now is getting covered in a sparkly, glittery crystal. But, better to admire it from inside with a hot cup of coffee than be out in it. Robert is shooting today. CRAZY!! And he thinks I am nuts about my hobbies?? No way woud I be out in this trap shooting. I will however be going out to buy some new stamps, etc. this afternoon. I will not stay in any store long, can't let the car engine cool off too much. I am not patient enough to sit and let the car engine heat up so that there will be wam air. Nope, get it and go on days like this. The other downside to a spectacular sunny day, I can see every bit of dust and cat/dog hair in my house. The advantage of it being dark out most of the winter is you don't feel so guilty for not dusting everyday. And where does all of this dust come from anyway? There is 2+ feet of snow outside. Oh well, break out the dyson and the pledge and be happy. Could be worse, I could not have this lovely (and warm) home to clean. I will leave you with a few coaster calendars I made for Cody's teachers. They were really fun and quick to make. :)

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lv2scpbk said...

Love your cards. I've completed my goal card and a cover card for the Deck of Me challenge. I'm also doing my own challenge of a weight loss deck of cards. You can see both on my blog.