Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled lives

The holidays are officialy over and everyone is back on their regular schedules. The kids started school today. I can hardly believe they are into the second semester already. Cody returned safely from Mexico. A bit more tan (I swear he grew some more) and very relaxed. I think he really needed the vacation. We are all still fighting thru our colds. Feeling a bit better each day. I held my last crop with Becky on saturday. We are going to miss hosting them and seeing our friends monthly, but look forward to being able to offer new and exciting things in the future. It was so nice to sit and scrap. If I wasn't in such a fog from my cold it would have been more fun. I did complete quite a few projects. The first is a photo wallet that I will be sending to my cousin in IL. She was such a dear for letting all of us invade her house and pool for two days. The instructions came from The second is our dvd's from our Hawaii trip in March '07. Very simple projects, but they came out fantastic, I think. ;)

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LisaGI said...

Speaking as 'one of the wonderful women', we will miss you and Becky terribly! But as I said earlier, you will never be rid of me.
Love the site!