Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why I love living here

Is this not just beautiful? I took these photos this morning around 9:15am. This is the view out our front door. The 2 penquins to the right are almost covered and our snowman has lost his 'carrot' nose. A curious moose knocked him over on Christmas Eve and his nose fell into the snow. Guess we will find it in the spring! :) I just love how the colorful lights reflect on the new fallen snow. It is still snowing and supposed to keep snowing until tomorrow. Then it is supposed to be sunny and below zero. BRRRRRR!! Very typical weather for january. We are tucked snuggly in the house and will venture out this afternoon to pick up Cody. I can hear the hum of snowplows/snowblowers in the neighborhood. So nice a sound. This is what winter is supposed to be like. It has been so icy and dark, with little snow. This, I am sure, will be making alot of people very happy. Especially the snowplowers, 'pennies from heaven' with every flake. ;) Hope you have a great day. And, if you live here, be safe on the roads!

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