Friday, January 11, 2008

Still snowing

Not as hard as yesterday, but it seemed to come down harder mid-day.

I joined a group to do a card-a-week. Not greeting cards, playing cards. We will be given a journaling prompt at the beginning of each week and the we use a card to express our creativity about it. The first 2 weeks I have done. Goals & quote. I will be sharing them here as well as in our group. It is a great creative outlet as well as taking time to really think about what she is asking. At the end of the year I will have 52 cards about me and my life. Kind of a neat thing to have and pass on. Plus anytime I can get my crafty mojo workin' is a good time for me. Altered art is so freeing. No rules! Just the way I like it. ;) Have a great day!


Dianna said...

Holy Cow~SOOO beautiful!!!
I only see one of them up on Flickr though~they are perfect*!*
Love love love it :)

ddinak said...

woo hoo! Pretty! Love the quote too! That Abe what a mind!

{connie} said...

love them!! they are just beautiful. keep up the great work. *hugs*