Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just like a cat

Marissa found a warm place to fall asleep. She has a new fascination with playing with the buttons and dial on the dryer. She dras the folding chair over to the dryer and climbs up. I have been cleaning and rearranging in here. It is my craft/laundry room. I had taken some towels and jeans out of the dryer and then got on the phone. Next time I looked at her she was snoozing. Notice her head is on my stack of albums. So, there is no project this time. However, this photo has inspired me to scrap a page about it. :)


ddinak said...

This is totally priceless! So cute!

Becky Priddy said...

This is just the CUTEST picture. It is totally scrapable.....Becky

Dianna said...

Holy Cow that is hilarious*!*