Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm spoiled!

At least I admit it. ;) My hubby treats me so well. I received my new 'sled' 10 days before Christmas. And, he still had other fantastic gifts for me under the tree. I love driving around in my new car. It is a diesel (very quiet), keyless start, heated seats, dvds in headrests for the kids, ipod & bluetooth ready and still a lot of room to haul all my 'stuff'. I LOVE IT!! I threw in another photo from our Christmas party. Thought you might like to drool over the yummy chocolate fountains and all the goodies to dunk in them. Believe me when I say this is the easiest dessert to prepare and the quickest to be eaten. People literally passed up the hand carved prime rib and hot crab/artichoke dip to eat their chocolate first. I love the holidays! We are just hanging out tonight watching the Patriots/Giants game and boxing up more decoartions to be stored away for yet another season. Marissa is 'helping' at the moment rearrange my work table. I guess that is a good sign it is time to go and play some more. Lots of hugs. Goodnight.


Becky Priddy said...

Hi ~ you are not needed a new car :-) wink. I'm finally getting time to add your blog to my favorites plus all the other great ones that you have sent me. There are sooo many talented girls out there....I'm really enjoying my time off and ticking lots of things off the to do list. My house is all undecorated (except a few decorations the cold) and back the way I like it. Tomorrow, I start packing for our LAST CROP on 1/5....then there will be more free time to work on paper crafting.....we need to plan a retreat...even if it is for 1 or 2 days (not overnight)....I can visualize the paper and embellishments flying! Well, I guess I better get to my paperwork for CTMH....have a good night and I'll talk to you in the am....GREAT BLOG! love the pic of Marisa in the shadow....very cute! Becky

Becky Priddy said... pictures of the cute calendar....bummer....maybe tomorrow when you have exited from your Nyquil coma.....feel better woodja .... Becky