Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry & Bright

At least inside the house. It is 13.8 degrees outside with a northern wind. Brrrr... But, that is 15+ degrees warmer than yesterday, so things are warming up. ;) Cody is spending the next 4 days with his dad's family, here for Christmas day, then off to warmer climates for a much needed winter break. Marissa is still snoozing this morning. She has been a busy little bee lately. She is really starting to talk alot. She will repeat just about anything, tries to sing songs she knows and knows most of her body parts. She has been saying her alphabet, 1-20 and a few other things for about a year, but her vocabulary wasn't building as quickly as 'some' thought it should be. Well, if you know Marissa, you know that she will do what she wants, when she wants and not a moment sooner. :) We are supposed to have neighborhood sleigh rides and festivities this evening, but it may be to bitter cold to endure. We have also been invited to another neighbor's home for their annual holiday party. Tis the season! I am busily and happily putting some last minute touches on gifts that I will be giving this year. The phot I posted is one of the projects I will be working on, it is a winter beverage recipe album. Inspiration instructions for this project are at this link . So, on that note I am off to sew, bead, paint, cut, glue, stamp, color.......Happy day!

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irwjc said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!!! but coming from you, that doesn't surprise me!! Good work soul sister!! :0)