Thursday, December 20, 2007

Truly Frozen!! Brrrrrrr....

For the past few days the temperature has not seen double. :) Thankfully there has been no wind. Today it is a bit cloudy with something that looks like snow, but not the beautiful flaky type. We have all been staying inside as much as possible. Cody has been studying for finals (today is the last day of school) and completing end of semester projects. We are very proud of him for putting so much effort into his studies, finally!! ;) Marissa is enjoying riding in her new sleigh, oops, I mean new car. I can hardly keep her out of it. We sit in it, in the garage, so she can watch Curious George on the dvd player with the headphones on. Crazy!! And for those of you who didn't know Robert went pheasant/goose hunting at a gorgeous lodge in South Dakota with 3 of his buddies 2 weeks ago. A great time was had by all (except the pheasants/geese) and they are already planning their next visit. I am trying to keep up with it all; the holidays, the kids, the crafting of projects to give, etc. I am looking forward to shopping, wrapping, baking and such this weekend. The house looks amazing and filling it with family and friends is truly the best presents we will recieve. I will leave you with a photo from Robert's trip and wishes for a great day.

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