Monday, July 14, 2008

My first CHA!

Well, for my projects anyway. I will be in southern Illinois five days after CHA ends. :( Maybe next time I can accompany my projects. ;) Here are some sneak peeks of three albums I designed for Glue Arts. They will be on display in their booth. They have great adhesives. Their vellum sheets are amazing! You truly can't see where th adhesive is thru the vellum. AND, you can apply it to your vellum (or transparency) and then run it thru your die cut machine and presto! It is really my privelage to be designing for them.



Cody & Marissa


My mom & her sister

Left: My hubby & siblings

Right: My dad & siblings

Me & my brother

A little pretty on the inside cover page

Pink Lemonade anyone?


ddinak said...

They are way lucky to have you! You are a great designer! I'm sure there will be lots of folks lifting your ideas!

Shirley said...

Yummy! Love all these! wonderful work...