Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home from the Brickyard

My brother and I planned a trip to Illinois to take our dad to see the Brickyard 400. That's a Nascar race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, of Indy 500 fame. ;) Our hometown in IL is only an hour from the track and we grew up going to the Indy 500 so this was a very special thing for us to do together.
The bad news, our dad came down with an upper respiratory infection the week before and was to weak to make the race.

The good news, my aunt Dinea and uncle Ronnie were able to join us on short notice and we had a BLAST!!!

It was like going to a rock concert. We were hot, sweaty, our ears were ringing and I have no voice left. :) Does it get any better? My dad and my friend Becky are big Dale Jr fans so I took many photos and cheered him on for them. And, we had to call them on our cell phones so they could hear just how loud it was. Too fun! Just being back at the Brickyard with my brother and getting to spend so much time with him was the best part of the entire trip. He ROCKS!!!

I stayed at my aunt Linda and uncle Dan's house and had a great time swimming, visiting and antique shopping. ;) I love my family! They are all so welcoming and laid back. :)

Turn 1, the Pagoda tower and the cars getting ready to fire up.

Turn 4 from our seats. (Which could not have been any better!)

Me, uncle Ronnie, aunt Dinea and Rob after we got back to my aunt & uncle's house. (Which was just rebuilt after they lost everything in a fire last year.)

Indianapolis Motor Speedway from the airplane.

Pit stop action across from us. #88 is Dale Jr. in case you don't know. ;)

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Michelle said...

I'm a HUGE Nascar fan...wish I could've been there with you!