Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer was here

For the past few days we had what felt like summer. Temperatures didn't rise above 65, but the sun was out, clear blue skies and no wind! It has been cold, cloudy and windy all summer. Marissa and I were outside most of the day.

A dear friend that I used to work with stopped by. It is always such a good time when she is around. She brought Marissa some super cute outfits that her daughter has outgrown. One of those is a bright pink dance leotard complete with a sparkly tutu. Marissa has been dancing around admiring herdelf in any reflective surface and saying 'ballet' with her arms up over her head. I'll try and take some photos. I have to be stealth or she will stop the performance. ;)

My mom had both of her knees replaced yesterday morning and is doing very well. I will be visiting with her today at the hospital. She will be home on monday or tuesday. Then I will be helping my dad with the 'nursing' duties. I spoke to her last night before my dad left for the night, she sounded really good. She will be up and walking today. WOW!! Hopefully pain free soon. She had bone spurs and bone on bone in her kneecaps. Ouch!

The progress on my new space, oh, and the garage, is moving along very well. However, it means that most of my 'stuff' is in boxes and baskets and stored in the basement. The guest room is overflowing and I have moved some to the wine room. So my posts may be limited on projects until my room is finished. I am so trying to stay focused and share as much as possible, but chaos is not very inspiring. :)
The upper floor is my new space. The existing window will be removed and an arched doorway installed.

Now for the winner of the blog candy: Tammi Lynn!!! Thank you so much to everyone who left birthday wishes. Tammi, make sure to leave me your mailing address or email and I will send your goodies to you. :)

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Tami Lynn said...

Thank you Elizabeth! Yay! I am excited to play with my new treats. :)

Please tell Carol I will be praying that she has a speedy recovery! I emailed her my mailing address. She can forward that to you whenever she feels better. (I should have read the entire blog before I sent that off - oops!)

Thanks again!