Thursday, August 14, 2008


I can hardly believe how quickly the crew is moving on building our addition. It is the middle of august and the weather is starting to turn to autumn. Cool, rainy and getting darker. The fireweed is almost to the top and it is in the low 40's at night. This is my favorite time of the year. Anyway, back to the addition. They raised the roof today. Literally. ;) And, we now have stairs connecting the old and new garages. Cody's window has been boarded up until his new one is installed and my new space is starting to take shape. There is going to be a half wall next to the stairs. But, it will be the last wall they put up. It will be so nice to have our motorhome at our house from now on. It is such a pain to pick it up, load it, unload it and return it to storage. It will be a real treat to drive it in the garage, plug it in and not have to empty the fridge every week. :)

The new stairs from the existing garage into the new garage.

I am standing in the far corner of my new space to take this shot. The half wall will be on the other side of this stack of wood. It will allow light from that huge window to come into the space. The room is 14 x 15. The existing window will be removed and an arched entryway will be installed. So my current 14 x 15 room will double. Perfect for teaching and designing. ;)

The new profile of the front of the house. We are adding faux rock to the bottom half of the walls on the front of the house and onto the columns on the front porch. Just a warmer look and to break up all the brown. ;)

The new profile from the back of the house. All the junk that doesn't fit in the current garage space we have. It will all have a new home soon. I think expanding the deck and fencing the backyard will be our next projects. ;) Shhhh.. don't tell Robert. ;)

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Jessica said...

Holey moley! What a house! As it is still summer here (and will be WELL into October) I am ready to move up there.
Really just ready to move anywhere because the weather is killing me!