Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family & Friends

Do you keep in touch often with your family & friends? I mean more than on holidays. I keep in contact with my family here in Alaska and my close circle of girlfriends almost every day. However, I seem to be a bit slacking in the communication department with my other dear family & friends. I feel so badly about this. My challenge to myself and to those of you like me is to stock up on my card stash and start sending cards just because. Maybe even a circle journal with some who I think will do it and have the time to do it. :) I can think of so many occassions and everyday celebrations I have missed sending a written note for. Well I am going to try and stop that nonsense. ;) Letting those who are close to me that I am thinking of them is well worth the effort of writing and the cost of postage. I have a dear friend and a grandfather who may not be with us here on earth for much longer and there are so many things I wish I would have said to them or done for them. I know they know I care and love them, but I could have made more everydays special days. Celebrate today! Live your bliss! No regrets!

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