Friday, March 21, 2008

Changing it up a bit!

Ok, so I have some fun, new ideas that I think you will all enjoy. Since sketches can be found just about everywhere they will be taken off my Daily Dose list and added to the Places I Visit list.

Tuesday - Trends & Styles: What's in, What's back 'in', What is it? and other cool stuff.

Wednesday - Cards & Tags: Sending your messages in style!

Thursday - Yummies!: Now that you know how to make (or have a stash of) all these great boxes and bags what do you put in them? Candy, cookies, mixes and other delightful goodies.

Sunday - Shoppin' & Surfin': What cool finds have you found? Favorite places to spend your $$. Share any good deals and neat stuff you want right here. :)

I hope you think these are good changes. I think it will be fun trying to come up with posts and see what your comments are. Off to do more Easter shopping. Gotta hop to it! ;)

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