Thursday, May 1, 2008

So Many Goodies

I have been busy today and yesterday get the picture. Anywhoo, here are the fruits of my labor. A few more things for my guests on saturday.

A bingo set that I downloaded for free online. I used my Xyron 900 to laminate the cards and calling pieces. Then I switched cartridges and ran the card markers thru with repositionable adhesive on the backs. This way we won't have to worry about our cardmarkers sliding around or getting knocked on the floor. :) Smart huh?
Little monogram post-it note pads. I borrowed two ideas and made them one. You can find the tutorial to make these here. The design for the cover is from here. Thank you to both Angie and Michelle for the inspiration. :)
This is a cute little magnet. I was playing with my copic markers and shrink plastic. What I learned is the colors become much more vivid as the plastic shrinks. Very cool!
Finally. A card I don't know that I can part with. ;) I am sooo happy with the way this turned out. My new 'Green Thumb' stamp set from Papertrey arrived monday and I just had to use the sweet little strawberries right away. I love the sentiments and fonts with this set also.


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! That is a lot of work!
Wish I could come over :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo jealous! Those are awesome...the girls will be thrilled!

K. Hays said...

They are all great, wish I could join you in all the fun.

Shirley said...

These are fantastically amazing projects! Love those embossed flowers and the cool shrink plastic dragonfly is the best!!! Gorgeous!!!

Annemarie said...

Beautiful work. And i love the detailed pictures. Thanks for sharing.

ddinak said...

I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now I have to go work out so that FANTASTIC lasagna that Becky brought won't totally kill me! Good Lord, what a way to go! Death by Lasagna! Oh and Cheesecake too! Can we do this every month?

Nikki said...

These are gorgeous! Where did you get those flowers? Would you mind sending me a message to to let me know.