Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just when we think the warm, summertime is upon us we are coolly reminded we live in Alaska. :) It is beautiful and all... BUT! Could we please have some SUMMER??!! I just want to be able to open the windows and not have to turn the heat on an hour later. :) Look at this beautiful rainbow we had this weekend. It was so windy and rainy all weekend. Brrr.... I stepped outside long enough to snap a few shots and then retreated to the warmth and shelter of our tent on wheels. Even the dog did not want to be out long. ;) Marissa had a good time hanging out playing with her bajillion toys that I took along and watching movies. She also potty trained over the last week. She is now officially into her big girl panties and pottyiing by herself. We will be working on the nighttime training next.


ddinak said...

Rock On! Good Job Marissa! I figured night time was up to them. I'd rather them wear pullups than wake me up with an accident. Both my kiddos were dry at night before Kindergarten so I was good with that!
See you soon since we're HOME!

Shirley said...

three cheers for Marissa!!! big Girl Panties are sooo cool!

Love that rainbow pix...such a cool looking sky!