Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rolled into one

Sorry to abandon you yesterday. I was on a cleaning spree. My craft room looked like a bomb went off. As I started cleaning I realized it needed sorted, thrown away or given away. I guess that could be my tip for yesterday: Use it or lose it. ;) Seriously, my taste and style changes all the time. It was time to finally pass on that paper I used to love to someone else. Oh sure, I could find a project for it, but my foot tall stack of new paper would then never get used. I had to draw a line in the sand.

I really wanted to talk about all of the 'stitching' stuff that is hot right now. For some of us embroidering just naturally made its way into our papercrafting because we know how to do it and have the supplies. For others it may seem foreign to combine embroidery with papercrafts. Truly, all you really need to make some fabulous details on your scrapbook pages, cards or projects is a needle and some embroidery thread. I use embroidery thread because it is a heavier weight than sewing thread and shows up better against the weight of the paper. There are six strands of thread in every strand of embroidery thread. ??? You will see what I mean when you purchase it. You can simply cut the desired length of thread and then separate out how many strands you want to use. The more strands the bulkier (or thicker) the stitches will look. Make sure you use a needle with an eye large enough to accomodate the thickness of the thread. Oh, and it comes in so many colors you can probably match it exactly to your paper and it is inexpensive. I also think a paper piercer is the best way the prepunch a pattern onto your project. A small hole punch would work great if plan on threading ribbon, but is too big if you are using embroidery thread. Have fun, try it out! Link me to a photo of your stitched project, I would love to see. Check out Primrose Design's Stitch School for some great tutorials on different stitches. If you check out her left toolbar you will find more tutorials and info. Her work is great!

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