Friday, July 30, 2010

At the Beach!

All of our beach days on our cruise were in Greece.We went to the beach in Mykonos, Katakolon & Corfu. Every island was different and the water, waves and beaches were different. Some good for sandcastle building, some good for shell hunting and some good for critter finding. It was hot (lots of sunscreen), the water was cool and we had a blast! Marissa was definitely in her element. She is a water-loving kiddo.
Beach at Mykonos, Greece.

Boats on the edge of the swimming/beach area.

View from our lounge chairs of the beach.

Marissa building in the sand.

A fish at my foot. :)
Lots of fish, but hard to photograph in the bright sun.

Grandma (Robert's mom) hangin' out in the shade.

Fighter jet flying over the beach.
I assume this was practice. They were flying over for about 30-45 minutes.
Not a bad view for the pilots.

Our pilot boat heading out of port.

Jellyfish in the water all around the ship as we were leaving the port.
Thank goodness none were at the beach we were swimming at. Whew!

View of the beach in Corfu.

Me holding some little clams that were on the beach.
If you kept them wet they stuck their necks out to feel around.
That is what you can see in this photo.
Not sticky or slimy, just kind of a soft tickle. Too cute!

Marissa holding a hermit crab.
Daddy's hand is nearby just in case. ; )
We put him back in the water and he scurried off.

Marissa swimming with no arm floaties. Yay!

Old Town of Corfu.

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