Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Our new Road King Classic! This pretty little bike ( I mean, cool looking 'Man Machine'/Harley-Davidson) will be getting a side car to match so that little miss Marissa will have somewhere to ride. Because it won't be on the back of this bike. Marissa loves to ride the 4-wheeler with dad around the yard and was a bit distressed when she couldn't ride on the HD. Robert rolled it out of the garage so I could take some pics and then he went for a solo ride. And, yep, he put on his helmet. Since he moved to Alaska he hasn't ridden, but he rode a lot when living in Florida. He'll be taking a refresher course soon and then next summer we'll be on the open roads of the lower 48. Yipee!!! We both really like the vintage styling of this bike. As soon as I saw it online I knew it was my choice. Coincidentally, the local Harley-Davidson dealer had the same bike on the showroom floor. ;) All they need to add is that little backstop pad for me so I don't fly off the back. :)

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