Friday, June 13, 2008

What's been up with me??

Well, a whole bunch of stuff. :) I have been given an opportunity to do some designing and that is taking up all of my 'free' time. It is very exciting to challenge myself to try and come up with new ideas or 'remodeling' an old idea into something newer & shinier. ;) Also, they have started construction on our addition so it is loud, dirty and my scrap stuff is getting moved into any nook and cranny the 3 year old can't reach it.
Oh, and we are camping almost every weekend and have some out of state visitors staying with us. :) As soon as life calms down a touch I will be back on track regularly with more goodies. Thanks for stickin' with me and checkin' in.

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Becky Priddy said...

I stopped by this weekend to view the gaping hole in the, it was a long way down....

BTW, that chocolate cone looks good!!